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10 Types of SaaS Emails Explained With Examples

Mesan Ali

SaaS email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach and engage your target audience. It enables companies to connect with their customers more personally, providing them with relevant information and updates that can help strengthen relationships. 

SaaS email marketing also helps to increase brand visibility and awareness, build trust, and encourage customers. However, the multiple types of SaaS emails you need to include in the strategy can make the process challenging. 

What is SaaS Email Marketing?

SaaS email marketing refers to sending emails to your subscribers or customers to engage, promote, update, and inform them about your services or product. As a SaaS email marketer, you are expected to reach out to your subscribers through every phase of the customer lifecycle. 

If done right, it can serve your purpose better than any other digital marketing strategy.

Why is Email Marketing Important in the SaaS Industry?

SaaS products and services revolve around long-term relationships with customers. Email marketing helps you achieve exactly that by staying on top of the user’s mind by frequently engaging them with the right emails. 

Email marketing is one strategy that is not going out of trend because people continue to check their emails regularly. 

10 Types of SaaS Email Examples to Learn From

We have compiled the best examples to help you better understand the different types of SaaS emails and how they impact your user. These ten different types of examples will show you what kind of SaaS emails are essential for your email marketing campaign:

1. Account confirmation

SaaS account confirmation email example by Webflow

Account confirmation is where you start your conversation with the potential user. Once they have created their account, reach them out with an email just like the one above from Webflow for verification. 

An account confirmation email is a gateway to a long-term relationship and an opportunity to engage with future emails. 

2. Welcome email 

SaaS Welcome email example by Slack

Once you have confirmed the user’s email address, you can officially welcome them onboard. Take this example from Slack, where they welcome the user and share tips on getting started with the tool. 

You can also use the welcome email to share your top features and other information that will convince the user to stick around with your SaaS tool. This can be a great help for you since welcome emails have a high click-through rate of 14.4% compared to 2.7% of most email campaigns.

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3. Milestone email

SaaS milestone email example by Youtube

A milestone email is important for an engaging SaaS email strategy. You can determine milestones according to your tool for example, time spent by the user, subscribers achieved, or number of times the product was used. An example above from Youtube shows them congratulating a user for reaching 100 subscribers. 

4. Free trial ending reminder

SaaS trial extending email example by Webflow

Another essential SaaS email is where you remind the user about their free trial closing to its end. onX here shows you a great example of such email. With a loud and clear message on the image, it goes on to explain what the user gains by getting a paid plan. 

5. Reactivation reminder

SaaS reactivation reminder email example by Grammarly

Reminding your users to reactivate their subscription in time is important in SaaS email strategy. You wouldn’t want your user to lose access to the services without being notified in time to renew their subscription. This example from Grammarly is on point to learn from.

6. Newsletter email

SaaS Newsletter email example by EverAfter

SaaS email newsletters are a source of consistent communication between you and your user. Use newsletter emails, just like the one above from EverAfter, to share news and updates with your subscribers.
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7. Referral email

SaaS referral email example by Busuu

Referral emails in the SaaS industry help grow your users swiftly. This is where you convince your users to invite friends to try the tool and get a discount or any similar offer in return. Busuu gives you a great example of how you can craft a referral email. 

8. Updates announcement

SaaS update announcement email example by DesignModo‍

Startup by DesignModo shows a perfect example of how you can announce updates for your SaaS tools. Letting your customers know about the updates comforts them that you are working to make your services better for them. 

9. Promotion emails

SaaS promotional email example by GoDaddy

Promo codes, discounts, and sales help entice customers to trigger into buying your paid plans. This is where promotional emails come in. You can promote such offers to convince users to switch to paid from free services or upgrade their existing plans to a higher-end one. 

Take the example above from GoDaddy that promotes 30% off with some main benefits of the tool. 

10. Survey emails

SaaS survey email example by Slack‍

As a SaaS tool, you can continually improve and grow with the help of customer feedback. To collect a quality response, you can generate survey emails to understand user concerns. The above survey email from Slack is an excellent example of learning, creating, and distributing your survey emails. 

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SaaS Email Marketing Tips to Boost Conversions

While designing good emails is vital to grab user attention, more is needed to ensure high conversion rates. There are some tweaks and practices that you can apply to ensure better performance of your SaaS email marketing. Let’s have a quick rundown of these practices: 

  • A/b test your subject lines to ensure better click-through rates. 
  • Segment your audience to help personalize your emails for users in different conversion phases. 
  • The right timing of your emails can help make the campaign more successful. 
  • Measure which aspect of your email is underperforming so you can make the right tweaks. 
  • Tracking inactive subscribers will help you personalize your emails for them to ensure re-engagement.
  • Sticking to your brand theme with logos and colors will help you maintain your unique brand identity. 

How Does Unlayer Help You Design SaaS Emails?

Unlayer serves its users with a range of benefits, making this embeddable tool a long-term problem solver for your email design needs. When it comes to designing your SaaS emails, Unlayer is more than a 10x faster solution. It saves development costs and time and lets you design emails without coding skills.

With a range of email templates, Unlayer makes your email design journey completely hassle free. Instead of starting from scratch, you get to edit templates created with modern design aesthetics, efficiently. 

Unlayer’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor makes placing images, gifs, videos, and CTAs in your emails a breeze. It also makes branding easier by allowing you to create reusable design blocks. 

Along with templates and an editor, you can collaborate with various email service providers, including Gmail, ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor, etc. 

6 simple steps to design SaaS emails with Unlayer

Here’s a step-by-step guide that you can follow to design high-performing SaaS emails:

  • Start your journey by signing up for a free 14-day trial. 
  • You can then continue to the SaaS templates page to find a template you would like to work with or head to the editor to design from scratch. 
  • Create or customize your email templates by dragging in design blocks, media files, and other features of your choice.
  • You can then click on any design block to make further changes. 
  • Once your design is ready, preview it for mobile and desktop view to confirm clear visibility. 
  • Complete the process by clicking ‘Export’ and downloading your design or integrating with an Email Service Provider of your choice. 

Design Captivating SaaS Emails

Attractive Designs. Responsive Format. White-Labeled
Email Templates

Wrapping Up

Everything you need to know about different types of SaaS emails is covered here, and you are now prepared to send out SaaS marketing emails. You now have the perfect templates, the most affordable tool, and all the required knowledge, so why stay put? Start designing now.


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